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Buying Gold: 3 Features To Look For In Non-Bank Segregated Gold Vaults

Diversifying your financial portfolio may prove to be beneficial in the long run, especially with the numerous factors that influence the economy. With currently low expected returns, and a 28% capital gain tax on gold, most experts recommend dedicating less than 3% of one's financial portfolio to physical gold and silver. This can still be quite a lot of gold when taking weight into account. Unlike other assets, it is your responsibility to find a secure storage space for your gold and silver. Security deposit boxes are not secured nor insured, and your best bet is to find a non-bank segregated gold vault. Here are 3 features that you will need to consider when taking a look at these vaults.

The Security Features of the Vaults

Nothing beats security, and you want to make sure that your investments are protected. You want to consider the safety measures that the gold vaults have put in place in order to protect your investments. For example, how does the facility look like? What kinds of vaults are used to store your investments? Do they have a security team on their property at all times? While there are numerous types of gold vaults available, you want to opt for ones that are segregated. This means that your investments will be placed in a vault that is separated from others.

The Type of Insurance That is Offered

If you store physical gold or silver in a commercial bank, it is not insured nor protected by the FDIC. This means that if you are to be robbed, you will have nothing to fall back on. Private segregated gold vaults typically come insured. When choosing a gold vault, you should inquire about the amount of insurance that they can offer you, and can even request to see their insurance policy in order to validate their claims.

Ease of Liquidity

Last but not least, consider how easy it would be to liquefy your assets. Some gold vaults can easily help you transfer ownership of the gold to other parties when you are liquefying it, so that you can quickly and easily get the funds that you need. Others will also take on the role of shipping and packaging physical gold for you. Consider the processing times required for liquefying or even accessing your gold if you decide to sell to a dealer like Ed's Coins


Although you should not invest all of your money on physical gold and silver, investing a portion of any funds that you may have lying around can help you diversify and stabilize your financial portfolio. Storing the physical gold at home or in a security deposit box of a commercial bank is simply not safe. Look for non-bank segregated gold vaults that are available for storage purposes and make sure that you look at the 3 features mentioned above when choosing which vault offers the most security and the best services.