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The Man-Gagement Ring: Pick Out The Right Bling For Him

A new trend is on the the rise – the "man-gagement" ring. More engagements are being approached on equal footing, with either the woman proposing or an engagement occurring without the official proposal. Couples want to both share in the symbol of their pledge to love one another, so it makes sense that both the man and the woman both wear a ring. If you're considering exchanging rings for your proposal, here's some things to keep in mind when selecting his ring.

Choose Your Metal

Metal choice depends on several factors, just as it does with a woman's engagement ring. Personal taste and the metal choice for the eventual wedding bands are the main things to consider. Metal options include:

  • Gold. Both yellow and white gold are popular choices and easily available. These are softer metals, so they aren't the best option for men who work with their hands a lot.

  • Platinum. The popularity of platinum, for both men and women, is on the rise. This is because it's a precious metal but it requires less care and it more durable than softer gold bands.

  • Tungsten and steel. These are a favorite choice for many men, because they are durable and tough. Rings made of these materials last a lifetime with little to no care.

Adorn It

Diamonds are still the number one choice for an engagement ring, even if he is the one wearing it. Most men don't want a large, flashy diamond, though. Instead, go for an understated look.

Channel settings are one of the most popular, because the ring remains as a band without any protruding stones. A channel around the band holds several small diamonds in place. The channel provides a snag-free option and minimizes the risk of losing an expensive stone. Even better, channel set rings are thin and stackable, so they can be combined with the wedding band later.

The flush setting is another good choice on a man's ring. A hole is drilled into the band and the diamond is set inside. The metal is hammered into the place around the diamond, holding it firmly in place. This protects the stone so it doesn't become chipped or fall out, plus it looks good on the thicker bands many men prefer.

After the Wedding

Most men don't prefer wearing multiple rings, so what about after the wedding? Just like a woman's engagement ring, you can design his ring as a set. A plain wedding band can be welded to the engagement ring, especially if the ring featured a simple channel setting. This allows you to wear both rings even though it only looks like you're wearing one.

Whatever your take on this new tradition, feel free to make it your own at places like B And A Jewelers. The best rings for him are ones that you know he will be proud to wear.