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Summer 2015 Jewelry Chokers

Jewelry trends for summer 2015 are bigger, bolder and flashier than in the recent past. One trend that is taking center stage is lush and ornate chokers. Previously, chokers were delicate and accented the neck just above the collar bone. There is nothing delicate about the chokers of summer 2015. The look may start at the collar bone, but that is where the similarity ends. This summer's chokers are statement pieces that combine textures and colors and fill the neck from collar bone to chin. They are made of many different types of beads and components, such as: 


One popular look is to use huge 2-3 inch natural, raw crystals that are woven together in spikes like geodes. These transparent crystals are drilled with two holes at the base to join them with other crystals in a spiky choker. The crystals are smallest near the chin and get larger as they encircle the neck toward the shoulders. Crystals come in many colors from deep blues, reds and purples to ambers and clear, colorless gemstones. When made into a choker, the spiky look is very flamboyant. 

Brass Beads

The metal bead of choice this summer is brass. These chokers are made from many different sizes of brass beads or links that are strung together and closely wrapped around the neck several times. Links are often embellished with flush set, faceted stones to add sparkle. The brass beads or links are not highly polished, but matte finished to give a soft, warm color around the neck. These chokers can be glamorous when worn with a low neck dress. 

Bead Weaving

A stylish choker made with woven glass seed beads can be stunning. Tiny seed beads are strung on monofilament fishing line and woven into embellished collars that hug the neck and dangle down the front and back at the collar bone. When made in a single color, the look is classy and elegant. Another way that seed beads are being used is strung together and woven into thick braids that hug the neck. Many beaded braids are worn staggered together. The look is topped off with a huge brass clasp at the back of the neck with multiple dangles hanging down to mid-back. This look is regal and empowering when worn on a backless dress. 

Heishe Strands

Another attractive choker is made from multiple strands of shell or gemstone heishe joined by a large slide clasp. The embellished clash is worn in the front and reaches from the base of the neck to the bottom of the chin. The top strands are snug against the neck and the bottom strands flare out to hug the collar bone and shoulders. The look harkens back to Elizabethan collars that were worn by royalty in the English court.

Today, chokers are definitely back in style. Whether they are made of glass, brass, shell or gemstone, chokers are bold pieces that are gaining a lot of attention on fashion runways. For a fresh look this summer, wear a beautiful choker and turn heads when you walk into a room.