The Process Of Making And Embellishing Chain Maille Jewelry

Chain maille is made by connecting metal jump rings to each other in a predetermined pattern to create a flexible rope, strap, or fabric. These different shapes are then connected together to make chain maille jewelry and clothing. Chain maille jewelry and clothing are typically made of gold, silver, titanium, argentium, copper, brass, bronze, steel, aluminum, and niobium jump rings. Colored chain maille can be made of enameled copper, titanium, anodized aluminum, niobium, galvanized steel, and rubber jump rings. [Read More]

How to Care for Your Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage costume jewelry pieces can be found in abundance at estate sales, flea markets, and antique stores, often at surprisingly low prices. This availability and affordability make collecting vintage costume jewelry fun and rewarding. It was the fabulous Coco Chanel who really helped put costume jewelry on the map, and ever since the 1920s people have been mad for it. These pieces need special care to keep them looking sparkling and bright, so read below to find out how to care for your special adornments. [Read More]

Care Tips For Your Floating Diamond Engagement Ring

The floating diamond is a beautifully designed set for any engagement ring. Prongs grips the outer edge of the diamond, leaving the base, top, and sides completely free and exposed within the ring. The effect is a gorgeous set that shows any center diamond off. Caring for your floating diamond engagement ring is the best way to preserve its beauty over time. Here are care tips you should know about and apply to your own ring regularly. [Read More]

Summer 2015 Jewelry Chokers

Jewelry trends for summer 2015 are bigger, bolder and flashier than in the recent past. One trend that is taking center stage is lush and ornate chokers. Previously, chokers were delicate and accented the neck just above the collar bone. There is nothing delicate about the chokers of summer 2015. The look may start at the collar bone, but that is where the similarity ends. This summer's chokers are statement pieces that combine textures and colors and fill the neck from collar bone to chin. [Read More]