Indian Head Cent Coin: Five Facts You Did Not Know About The American Penny

The last five generations of Americans have never seen or heard of the Indian Head penny. If you were to ask anyone under the age of fifty what types of pennies they have seen during their lifetimes, all of them will tell you that the penny with Abraham Lincoln's head on the front is the only one they know. However, the Indian Head cent coin served as America's penny for over fifty years before it was replaced with the Lincoln cent. [Read More]

Diamond Shopping? Know The Benefits Of Bonded Diamonds

Buying a diamond for the first time is not as simple as just going to the jewelry store and picking one out. In fact, the more you research the diamond industry, the more confused you might become. You have probably learned what you need to know concerning cut, clarity, color and carat, but you also need to know what the benefits are of purchasing a bonded or insured diamond. This guide explains what those benefits are. [Read More]

What You Need To Know About Engagement Ring Insurance

Being engaged is a magical time with so many tasks calling for your attention. If you've recently become engaged and are now showing off a beautiful new engagement ring, you may not be thinking of making sure it stays protected. You are no doubt treasuring that sparkling symbol of you and your fiance's love for each other. But if the worst were to happen, would you easily be able to replace such a large purchase? [Read More]

The Complete Beginners Guide To Art Deco Jewelry

If you enjoyed the most recent 5th season of the hugely popular Downton Abbey television series, you can see the Art Deco era come to life with loose flapper dresses and simple jewelry as well as women taking a giant leap forward in both fashion and freedom. Read on for a short primer on the advent of the one of the most prominent movements in jewelry design. The birth of Art Deco took place at the Paris Exposition International des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in 1925 and served as a showcase for not just fashion and jewelry, but a new, freer way of life. [Read More]